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Keep Your Cool in the Summer Heat

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Family Support boosts CPAP Compliance

Interesting fact for people who use CPAP: the people who most likely complained that your snoring was out of control and nagged you to do something about it are actually the most important people when it comes to whether or not you continue to use CPAP to manage your sleep apnea. Those are the results […]

The Best Temperatures for Sleep

Summer’s here and the time is right for sweating through the sheets. While getting comfy beneath a cloud-like comforter helps you sleep during the colder months it can be difficult to sleep soundly in the heat and humidity that kicks up in June and continues through August. While it’s tough to cool down during summer […]

Swaddling a Baby for Sleep

Times have changed on the baby care scene. Your parents or grandparents would be shocked to know that nowadays you are never supposed to lay your baby down to sleep on his or her stomach. No, now there is tummy time, which is strictly supervised and is done for short intervals. The workout routine starts […]