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crib bumper safety

Crib bumpers or bumper pads are a very popular accessory favored by many parents of newborns. Sold separately or as part of baby bedding sets, these pads are attached to the inside walls of cribs to prevent infants from getting body parts stuck between the crib’s slats. Despite the fact that crib bumpers are marketed […]


You tried to adapt your schedule to sync up with your destination time zone several days before departure. You eschewed caffeine and alcohol on the flight in favor of water. You took melatonin to help reprogram your internal clock. In short, you did everything you were supposed to do in order to ward off jet […]

teen sleep problems

It seems like irregular sleeping patterns are practically a requirement for being a teenager. This is particularly true because kids in this age group have to wake up so early for school, while still frequently pulling all-nighters during the week in order to finish school projects, cram for exams, or engage in late-night hobbies and […]