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Sleep Apnea's effect on Relationships

If your snoring is keeping you from having a normal bedtime relationship with your bed partner, the impact is not only risky for your health, but for your romantic relationship itself. The health risks of untreated Sleep Apnea are well known but, what is sometimes forgotten is that the sleep health of the bed partner […]

Swift-FX-Nano-CPAP Nasal Mask

Love your Nasal Pillows but, ready for a change in say, brand or other options? Checking out your options is  the first step in deciding whether to stay with your current mask or, switching things up. We will review a few options in night-time nasal wear for your reading pleasure! Nasal Pillows wearers are pretty […]

Fisher and Paykel ICON CPAP Machine

CPAP machines vary by size, brand, look and options. Whether your physician has ordered a specific type of machine  or, has left the option up to you, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with your choices. This is a short review for a few machines and their features. You can download our free CPAP […]