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alcohol and sleep

We have mentioned several times on this blog that alcohol can interfere with restful sleep. But have you ever wondered why that is? After all, you most likely get drowsy when you drink, so why not have a nightcap to speed yourself into dreamland? Well, there are numerous problems with this scenario. For instance, research […]

famous sleep disorders 2

According to the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated 50-70 million Americans suffer from some kind of sleep disorder. That’s a significant percentage of the population, so it’s not at all surprising to discover that a number of famous people count themselves among the afflicted. While insufficient sleep due to an extremely hectic schedule is […]


All parents know they must pick their battles with toddlers. It’s far too exhausting and counterproductive—not to mention fairly impossible—to compel very young children to abide by every single rule or meet every single behavioral expectation all the time. Although consistency is important in child rearing, so is compromise. However, one of the areas where […]