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baby toddler sleep habits

For many parents of very young children, sleepless nights are an unfortunate reality of the early years. That’s because having a wakeful baby or toddler in the house requires that one parent or the other be on hand for feeding, changing diapers, or soothing the little one back to sleep. But we’re here to tell […]

Snoring- guest post

Working as a sleep tech professional for many years offered me many insights in those diagnosed with sleep apnea. A common component was that many of our patients were told or, even diagnosed pervasively with the symptoms of sleep apnea but, did not follow through with recommendations or treatment. Sleep apnea is not a disorder […]


Has your toddler or preschool aged child been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder? If so, a recent study indicates that an underlying sleep disturbance might be intensifying the problem. Researchers at Bradley Hospital in Rhode Island studied a group of children under six years old who were part of an intensive program designed to treat […]