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Good nutrition is essential not only for maintaining high energy levels throughout the day, but also for facilitating deep, restful sleep at night. That’s because the nutrients you consume help stimulate the body’s production of a variety of hormones—including melatonin, which regulates your natural sleep and wake cycles. So it should come as no surprise […]


If you frequently experience restless sleep, difficulty breathing during sleep (including gasping, snorting, and snoring) and/or daytime fatigue, you probably wouldn’t be surprised if a doctor diagnosed you with obstructive sleep apnea. After all, even though the symptoms of OSA are many and varied, the ones listed here are among the most common. But what […]


It took a while, but your newborn finally started sleeping through longer stretches of the night. The four or six consecutive hours of quiet were a godsend that allowed you to catch up on your own much-needed rest and helped you regain your center on a daily basis. Maybe this parenting thing wasn’t going to […]