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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Being a mother is a thankless, 24/7 job. This year, treat your mom to gifts that will have her feeling rested and relaxed for the rest of the year! Use the promo code MOM20 to get 20% off of your entire purchase. Bazzzmati Hot & Cold Therapy Neck Wrap A perfect blend of basmati rice, […]

10 Startling Effects of Sleep Deprivation

While it can be easy to shrug off a bit of sluggishness after a sleepless night, chronic sleep deprivation can cause serious harm to your body and mind. Here are ten startling effects of sleep deprivation: Impairment of Cognitive Functions: Chronic sleeplessness significantly weakens your attention span, concentration, alertness, and ability to problem solve and […]

Using Sleep to Prevent Wrinkles

On average, human beings spend about one-third of our lives sleeping. We do this for a very important reason: it helps us maintain a perfect balance of normal motor and cognitive functions. Anyone who has experienced sleep deprivation for a series of nights knows the tell-tale signs:  bags under the eyes and dull, wrinkled and […]

Sex and Sleep Problems: Why Aren’t You in the Mood?

Written by Ariela Solomon-Naparstek By now, most of us are aware that sleep rules our lives. Our mood, energy level, memory, intelligence and weight are all affected by our sleep habits. But one area many people seem to forget about the sleep connection is when it comes to SEX. Sex, just like sleeping and eating, […]

Sleep Comfort: Down Comforter for Winter

If you are like 60% of Americans then you find that sleep is something that is rapidly becoming harder and harder to get. From the mobile phones and electronic devices we keep in our bedrooms, to the temperature and lighting in the room, it seems like there are no shortage of reasons why our sleep […]

Artful Sleeping: Movies About Dreaming

Movies try to recreate the experiences we have in life. No life experience would be complete without the unique experience of life in a dream. The dream world takes on many shapes, sensations and emotions. Last night I dreamt my wife and I took care of a pet made out of mozzarella, with a face […]

A Good Night’s Sleep? There’s a Sleep App for that

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to your health and your mood. How many people can actually say they get the recommended eight hours? Constant distractions in the home and late night exposure to TV, smartphones and computers keep your mind buzzing even after you’ve hit the sheets. The good news is your smartphone […]

Side Effects of Sleeping Pills

People with insomnia symptoms who can’t sleep well at night should be very careful when taking sleeping pills as insomnia treatment. While they may be effective at first, they aren’t harmless. In fact, studies now reveal that patients who are taking sleeping pills are doing more harm than good and have higher chance of developing […]

Sleeping Pill Risks

Sleeping pills are actually considered one of the most popular drugs available today. A lot of people worldwide are having difficulty getting a complete, continuous night’s sleep, which is why they turn to medication to aid them in getting the rest that they need. Many find that the easiest solution to a restless sleep is […]

Sleeping Pills

There are various reasons for insomnia. Short term insomnia may be caused by jet lag, an uncomfortable sleeping environment, stress, and certain illnesses. For chronic sleeping disorders, the reasons for insomnia may be different. Long term insomnia is related to anxiety, depression, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.  To help people who can’t get enough sleep, there […]