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Get Fit While You Sleep

Let’s just get something out of the way first: no matter how much and how well we sleep, most of us want and know we need more. But with a finite number of hours in each day, we’re all struggling to get as much done as possible, and our ideal sleep time is often the […]

Circadian Rhythm and Sleep

Having difficulty in sleeping is a problem that a lot of people are experiencing, especially now that there are many distractions to keep one up all night, enough to disregard insomnia treatment. The sleep/wake cycle is controlled by the circadian rhythm, and sleep disorders associated to this rhythm will cause insomnia. vaXzine – A […]

Binge Eating and Sleep

Studies show that sleeping disorders are considerably related to binge eating in females. The team has discovered that not receiving adequate sleep, difficulty falling asleep, sleeping poorly, disturbed sleep, as well as daytime sleepiness is notably linked to a heightened risk for binge eating in females. All these are considered insomnia symptoms as well. Despite […]

Bed’s Role in Sleep

For people who simply can’t sleep at night, or suffer from any kind of sleeping disorder, it’s well worth learning how to make a bed properly. This might seem like a trivial thing, but it can actually make a world of difference to your nightly rest. Let’s face it, sleeping in a nice and fresh, […]

Tips for the Day after a Sleepless Night

Your alarm has rung and it’s time to start the day. Unfortunately, you spent the night tossing and turning and getting sucked into a Wikipedia wormhole that started with the question, “What’s Scott Baio up to?” And now you’re asking yourself a less entertaining question: “How am I going to survive the nightmare of daily […]

Pick the Right Pillow for Your Sleep Style

By now you should already know that sleep quality can be affected by a wide variety of factors ranging from what you eat and drink during the day to room temperature, medication use, shift work, stress levels, jet lag, and how much light seeps through your bedroom blinds at night. After reading this article, you […]

How to Practice Early Rising

There are a myriad reasons to rise early each morning. For one thing, you can take a more leisurely approach to getting ready for work instead of just throwing on some clothes and rushing out the door. For another, you can prepare and eat a healthy breakfast at home instead of grabbing an overpriced coffee […]

Benefits of Bedtime Stories

Reading bedtime stories to children is more than just a way to introduce future generations to the joys of The Cat in the Hat, Goodnight Moon, and Where the Wild Things Are. Sure, the entertainment value alone of these and other children’s classics makes the effort worthwhile; but the benefits of bedtime reading extend well […]

Foods to Help You Sleep

Good nutrition is essential not only for maintaining high energy levels throughout the day, but also for facilitating deep, restful sleep at night. That’s because the nutrients you consume help stimulate the body’s production of a variety of hormones—including melatonin, which regulates your natural sleep and wake cycles. So it should come as no surprise […]

Sleep Regression in Babies and Toddlers

It took a while, but your newborn finally started sleeping through longer stretches of the night. The four or six consecutive hours of quiet were a godsend that allowed you to catch up on your own much-needed rest and helped you regain your center on a daily basis. Maybe this parenting thing wasn’t going to […]

Don’t Give Up on CPAP Therapy

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy is one of the most prescribed methods of treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) for a simple reason: it works for a majority of patients. When used as directed, a CPAP device helps prevent the airway from collapsing during sleep, which eases breathing and eliminates snoring. For some folks, the […]

Rejuvenate with a Sleepcation

You’ve heard of a “staycation,” that money-saving measure in which people spend their vacations at home or visiting local attractions instead of traveling. But have you ever heard of a sleepcation? This is a somewhat more recent trend that sleep-deprived folks are turning to in an effort to get some much needed rest and to […]

Top 5 Sleep Myths Busted

If you’re trying to practice better sleep hygiene, then you’ve probably spent some time searching the Internet for tips and advice. Unfortunately, cyberspace is filled with lots of misleading information and outright myths about sleep that could end up interfering with your rest rather than enhancing it. Read on as we bust five of the […]

Tips for Dealing with a Broken CPAP Machine

A continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine is one of the most effective treatments currently available for sleep apnea. CPAP prevents the soft tissue in your airway from collapsing, which allows you to breathe more freely and easily during sleep. CPAP also eliminates snoring, thereby providing you and your partner with more restful nights. So […]

Encouraging Good Sleep Habits in Babies and Toddlers

For many parents of very young children, sleepless nights are an unfortunate reality of the early years. That’s because having a wakeful baby or toddler in the house requires that one parent or the other be on hand for feeding, changing diapers, or soothing the little one back to sleep. But we’re here to tell […]

Songs to Wake Up To – Part 2

Do you feel unusually listless and lethargic in the morning? Does it take a ton of effort just to get out of bed? These could be signs that it’s time to change your alarm music. Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices make it easier than ever to program your own soundtrack to wake up to, […]

Jet-Lagged: Now What?

You tried to adapt your schedule to sync up with your destination time zone several days before departure. You eschewed caffeine and alcohol on the flight in favor of water. You took melatonin to help reprogram your internal clock. In short, you did everything you were supposed to do in order to ward off jet […]

Sleep and Acne: Can Sleep Improve Your Complexion?

Sleep and Acne: Sleep’s Impact On Our Largest Organ What most people don’t realize is that the skin is the human body’s largest organ, covering approximately 3,000 square inches of space. The outermost layer of the skin, the epidermis, is most vulnerable to external exposure to temperature, sunlight, hazards, etc. Underneath your skin are a […]