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CPAP Help: Staying the Course

If you are a  person who suffers from loss of sleep for more than the occasional night of tossing and turning, then you are probably looking for solutions to your problem. It is never fun to get up in the morning after a night of un-refreshing sleep and have to face a day full of expectations. If you suffer from sleep apnea then using a CPAP machine can significantly help you to sleep better, provided you keep a few things in mind when using this device.

CPAP most likely will help with improving your sleeping patterns, but you need to use it correctly to maximize the benefits.

First off you need to be committed to improving your health over a long period of time. This is definitely not a quick fix device! You also need to understand that you have to make regular visits to your sleep specialist for long periods of time. It is very important to your health to continue communicating with him or her in order to achieve the best results, even if that means ordering a home sleep test to re-evaluate your current titration levels.

It will be much easier for your body to adjust to the CPAP treatment if you remember to use the device every time that you sleep, and YES it does include naps! The mask and machine that you use might not be the same as you had a couple of years ago and it is very important that you let your specialist know about any problems that you may have. Using a CPAP mask that fits properly is essential, and it might take you a couple tries to find the perfect fit.

Get your family involved with motivating you to use your CPAP machine every night. Get a friend or sibling to call you in the morning to check up on you. You may not like this at first, but eventually you will either get into the habit of using it or just plain get fed up, and end up doing it anyway just so that you do not feel like you are being nagged at all the time.

Comfort is the key!

Nobody will blame you for not wanting to use the CPAP device every night if you are not comfortable, so make sure that it is! There are a few things that you can do to make the CPAP help you get your best sleep. Use a decongestant, heated humidifier or saline spray if the CPAP machine irritates your mouth, nose or throat. Remember to only use the prescribed amount of pressure and if you tend to forget little things, then paste a note to yourself on your bathroom mirror to remind yourself.

Celebrate your achievements

Even though you will never be finished with your treatment, you should give yourself a small reward for every month that you do complete successfully. Getting through the first month is always the hardest part of the treatment, because you have all these gadgets and things to get used to. You also need to get used to sleeping with the mask on, and all the other things that come with using a CPAP machine.

Remember that your health is what is most important, so you should want to take the time to learn all that you can about the operation and usage of these devices. Ask questions, but ask the correct people! Your sleep specialist will be the best person to provide you with the answers that you are seeking.

Good luck and sleep well!

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