Insomnia Relief

Are you suffering from episodic insomnia, short-term insomnia or chronic insomnia? City of Sleep is proud to offer several drug-free treatment solutions to help you beat insomnia and return to healthy sleeping patterns. We have a large inventory of nasal breathing aids, aroma therapy misting sprays and oils, sleeping masks, as well as lavender scented pillows and blankets and more! If you’re not able to find what you are looking for, or need helping picking the right insomnia treatment product, contact our helpful customer service representatives.

If you are in search for a natural sleeping aid for insomnia, consider choosing any one of our lavender products. Lavender is more than just an enjoyable fragrance, it is packed with health benefits. It is proven to minimize tension and stress, respiratory infections, anger and help us reach an overall relaxed and calm state. If you and your doctor have decided that a natural solution is the best way to treat your insomnia, you will want to consider trying any one of our Peaceful Sleep Sets, Sleep Concentrates, and Bath Oils, all by the trusted Essence of Vail company, as well as our lavender embroidered pillows. Several of our lavender insomnia treatments are also useful for natural CPAP treatments.

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