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Find Deeper and Faster Sleep
Insomnia relief masks can help you follow one of the top rules for avoiding insomnia: keep your bedroom dark, quiet and cool. Comfort is key while minimizing light, especially if you need to sleep during daylight hours. At City of Sleep, we offer a plethora of choices in sleep masks and insomnia relief masks. If you need to sleep during the day, a sleep mask may be your best option. But, even at night, there are strong sources of light nearby for many people.

Living in a busy part of a city with all the lights and sounds can be disruptive to your sleep patterns. So make sure you purchase a sleep mask that will be comfortable and feel as natural as possible so it can be easily forgotten and not become one more irritant keeping you awake. If noise is a problem for you, then check out our Bucky Eye Shades with Ear Plugs or Sound A Sleep Memory Foam Sleep Mask with Bluetooth allowing you to play your favorite soundtracks. There are convenient buttons to pause, reverse, forward or control the volume. Oh and if you want it, you can also take phone calls by hooking up the Bluetooth to your phone.

Maybe you like new age options: The Sound Oasis Glo to Sleep Mask may just be your warm glass of milk. When you put it on several points of light glowing inside the mask fade subtly over several minutes, allowing your mind to be led to a quieter place so you can slip into the arms of sleep naturally. Of course, there are also the basic beauty and sleep masks that provide darkness and something a little less sci-fi looking. In this category, check out the Branche Belle de Nuit Masque made of 100% silk with anti-microbial copper and 18 amino acids providing a luxurious rejuvenating treatment to the thin areas of skin directly around your eyes. Whatever your choice in insomnia relief masks, you will find something to fit your needs at City of Sleep, and at a fair price too.

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