Sleep Training

Before the long years of adolescence, the awkward pre-teen stage, and even before your child’s first day of school, sleep training for kids is one of the most difficult aspects of parenting young children. For some new moms and dads, the difficulties of sleep training last well into the toddler years. Our sleep training for kids products are designed specifically for you to help your babies and toddlers develop positive sleeping habits, so they – and you – can finally get the uninterrupted sleep you need every night.

Experts agree that the best time to start sleep training is in early infancy. The sooner your baby learns to sleep on her own, the better she will sleep as a toddler and beyond. We offer several different swaddlers to help baby feel soothed and comfortable as she drifts off to sleep in her cradle or crib. Nothing feels as good as your touch, but these swaddlers come close while encouraging baby to fall asleep on her own.

Sleep training babies is difficult enough, but when you have a toddler who begins waking up at night or crawling out of bed after he has been put down, the frustration of sleep training can begin all over again. Our sleep training for kids products are made to help toddlers understand when it is time to lay down and go to sleep, and to feel a sense of accomplishment when they complete their bedtime routine and sleep successfully through the night. In addition, we offer a number of bedwetting pads and nighttime potty training kits to make those midnight accidents less stressful.

With innovative products that both you and your child will love, City of Sleep has everything you need to help babies and toddlers get a good night’s rest. We carry only the best from trusted brands so that you can know you are getting a quality product, every time. Take a look at our selection of sleep training tools for kids, and get your family’s nighttime routine back on track with our kits and products that will have even the most stubborn infants and toddlers sleeping “like a baby.”

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