Choosing a quality CPAP cleaner liquid is vital when you rely on a CPAP machine for a good night of rest. The wrong cleaner will leave your CPAP equipment discolored, mildewy, smelling poorly, and may create a breeding ground in your mask or tubing for bacteria or viruses that could cause you to become sick. That’s why we at City of Sleep strive to provide high-quality products from names that you know and trust. Your health depends on it.

Germs of every kind can find a comfortable place to call home in your CPAP tubing, reservoir, and especially in your mask. Some of these come from the

environment around your equipment, but in reality, most of the germs in your CPAP equipment come from you. In fact, human to human contact is the number one way many types of viruses and bacteria are spread, so sanitizing your mask every day and the rest of your equipment at least once a week is vital.

The CPAP cleaner liquids that we offer are trusted by doctors and hospitals everywhere. With brands like RespiClean, Control III, and Better Rest

Solutions in our inventory, you can have your choice of cleaner. Protect yourself against illnesses like swine flu, staph, MRSA, and influenza, just to name a few. Clean your CPAP mask, tubes, ventilators, and other equipment quickly and effectively with just a few sprays of one of these cleaners, and sleep well knowing that you are breathing clean and sanitized air at night.

Many of our cleaners are environmentally-friendly, so they can be safely disposed of if you end up mixing too much of a concentrate. Choose from long-lasting and economical concentrates, convenient and ready-to-use sprays, or even automated sanitizing machines that will do all the work for you. Whatever you are looking for, City of Sleep has the perfect solution for you.

With some of the most up-to-date CPAP cleaning solutions on the market, we are the only place you need to shop for CPAP cleaner liquid. Take a look at some of our great products and keep your CPAP machine and accessories clean and disinfected in whatever way works best for you.

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