Comfort Solutions

Get Comfortable with your CPAP
City of Sleep offers a wide choice of CPAP comfort solutions. If you’ve seen a CPAP mask, you’ve undoubtedly wondered how anyone can sleep with it strapped around their face. There are a few tricks. First, your brain is amazing, and once your subconscious accepts that the mask is not going to cause harm, your brain tunes it out. Second, find some CPAP comfort solutions to fit your needs and it all gets much easier. 

We offer a selection of mists, sprays, gels and creams to keep harmful bacteria away and moisture so your sinuses do not feel like a dried up painful raisin. In addition, there are aromatherapy options to offset some of the smells that come with all that machinery and plastic parts and tubes. We have several products to help you deal with dry mouth, protecting your teeth and gums for bacteria and tooth decay. Neti pots are another great way of getting moisture back into the breathing areas when you are not on the CPAP. 

Other Items 
But wait, we have more. There are holders galore— holders to hang the tubes on, holders to keep the wires and tubes in control, and holders for other needs you may have. Also, we have a fabric hose case cover that comes in eight different color options allowing you to wash it whenever you need to without all the bother of having to clean the outside of the hose. You’ll find different gel nasal pads and new batteries in our selection. And the EZ-Talk which allows CPAP users to momentarily stop the flow of air in order to cough, take a sip of water, or talk without having to remove the entire mask. At City of Sleep, we are pleased to present you with many CPAP comfort solutions that will help you sleep better and wake feeling refreshed. CPAPs are an extraordinary breakthrough for those with sleep disorders and if we can offer a way to make it easier to use your CPAP every night we want to do our part in supporting your health.

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