Tube Covers for CPAP Tubes

If you are using a CPAP machine, you might have run into a common problem, water splashing on your face and waking you up. Your CPAP tube begins sputtering and you know water will soon be splashing on your face. Why does this annoying moisture build up in your CPAP tube occur? It is called “rain out” and it most often occurs to people who sleep in cooler bedrooms, but it can happen to anyone. The water splashing your face is condensation that is caused by humidified air hitting the colder temperature of the air in the CPAP tubing.

The Pur-Sleep CozyHoze CPAP Hose Case is a CPAP tube case designed to eliminate rain out. The hose case is a fabric cover for the tubing that helps insulate the CPAP tubing from the room air temperature, thereby reducing the condensation levels. The hose case is six foot long and fits most CPAP hoses.

The CPAP tube cover is available in eight fun colors to match your bedroom colors. The colors available are black, burgundy, gray, hot pink, light blue, light gray, light pink and royal blue. The soft fabric of the hose cover also keeps the CPAP hose from disrupting your sleep when the hose touches your skin.

If you have been struggling with annoying moisture problems in your CPAP hose, give the Pur-Sleep CozyHoze CPAP Hose Case from City of Sleep a try.

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