CPAP Hose & Mask Management

Sleeping with a CPAP mask on can be uncomfortable. Look to City of Sleep for solutions for CPAP hose management.
The SleepSense EZ Talk Connector allows you to temporarily stop the flow of air so you can talk, cough or even take a sip of water without having to remove your mask. A simple press of the built in lever stops the flow of air. Release the lever and airflow returns. The connector easily fits between your CPAP mask and hose and is designed to fit any CPAP mask or hose.

One of the biggest complaints of CPAP users is the hose gets in your way while you sleep and you often get tangled up in it. The Cozy Hose BOSS CPAP hose holder management system keeps the CPAP hose off your body while you sleep and also helps prevent mask leaks. The Cozy Hose BOSS attaches to the wall above your head using Command strips, so it will not damage your wall. The CPAP hose goes through the Velcro loops which are attached to spring loaded reels. The reels allow the CPAP hose to gently slide as you move during the night, keeping the hose from bothering you as you sleep. This system also helps secure the CPAP mask and prevents it from being pulled off your face.

The Hosebuddy CPAP Hose Holder is a stand that keeps the CPAP hose from annoying you while you sleep. The Hosebuddy is available in two models. The standard model is for home use. The travel model is perfect for traveling because it is smaller and packs compactly in its own carrying case. Both models have a swing arm so the CPAP hose can slide easily as you move during the night. Each model inserts under your mattress so there is nothing to trip over if you or your partner are up during the night.

If condensation is a problem with your CPAP hose, the Hybernight Rainout Complete Control System is the solution. This system is compatible with all CPAP systems. It warms the CPAP tubing so the internal air temperature is uniform and prevents condensation from building up inside the hose.

You will find the CPAP hose management system that will work best for you at City of Sleep.

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