Bed Sheet Sets

There is one simple reason why bedding sheets are necessary: Nobody likes bed bugs. They make your sleep horrendous. They eat at your skin. They don’t contribute to society in any meaningful way except as sources of disease and discomfort. So combat the problem with any of these wonderful bedding sheet varieties which will help you control the spread of bed bugs as well as preserve the condition of your mattress.

Bed bug protection is possibly the foremost concern when it comes to having sheets. But normal sheets often do not quite make the cut. This is why you should look around at some of our bug protection sheets. Pieces are sold individually, but the best deals easily come in the full sets. The bug protection kits include a six-sided mattress encasement with zippers for closing it up, an accompanying box spring encasement with a similar style, and a pair of pillow protectors constructed in the same mold. All three of these things help to keep bed bugs currently extant contained inside the mattress and from new invaders on joining the ranks.

But we don’t just have bug protection kits. Oh heavens no! We also have sheets that a hospital would be more than happy to use. Our lineup even includes one bedding sheet set which has been approved by the FDA for use with skin care patients! Constructed with eucalyptus, which naturally exfoliates the skin, these sheets are capable of whisking away moisture and ensuring an even more comfortable night’s sleep. With silk-smooth composition, your eczema or psoriasis patient can sleep without even being bothered by rash or outbreaks you can expect from coarser materials.

These benefits and many more are present in our lineup of bedding sheets. City of Sleep is dedicated to giving you a good night’s sleep free from irritation or pests. The sheets are your first line of defense against all of these things. So don’t be content with just getting a cheap set made from cotton or some other common material. Put your money where your health is and find a set that is just right for you. We guarantee that you will find something that speaks to you.

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