Back Support

Need help with getting some real sleep comfort? Do you require great back support? Check out these comfortable pillows available here at City of Sleep. With your comfort in mind, each of these pillows provides excellent support for your back no matter if you are sitting up or lying down. Versatile, comfortable, and available in many different varieties, there is bound to be something which calls out to you.

Back health is one of the things we have to take into account when it comes to sleep comfort. The more comfortable your sleep is, the better your back and spine will be. Resting on a bad surface will only cause grave problems in the future and cause you to suddenly require orthopedic surgery just to get out of bed every day. Having a back pillow will enable you to avoid this painful ordeal. Each of the pillows in our lineup here are special in their own way.

Some of them are just vanilla flat pillows like you would find on any bed. These pillows are distinguished by the stuffing they employ to give them structure. Some of them use microbeads, making the pillow squishy and versatile for both home use and on a plane as either lower back support or as a neck pillow. Some of them are distinguished by soft microsuede, which lulls you into relaxation. And then you have the spectacular technology of memory foam, famed worldwide for its ability to simulate zero gravity and maintain your spine in almost perfect alignment.

But then there are full-body pillows, which are practically beds all on their own. Divided into segments for your head, shoulders, and legs, these back support pillows allow you to lay down on them with your favorite blanket wrapped around you and enjoy some unmatchable sleep comfort levels. Ideal for casual nappers and floor situations, you cannot go wrong with this option.

With so many options to choose from, you are bound to find a back support pillow you want. No matter what ailments you might have or are trying to avoid, our lineup will allow you make the smart option best for your back and your overall quality of sleep. Happy shopping!

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