Neck Support

Get the sleep comfort and neck support you deserve with a stylish and lively neck pillow! Staples of the travel industry for many years, these handy and portable things come in a wide variety of sizes, stuffing, and quality. The ones you find at the airport typically are not up to normal standards. However, here at City of Sleep, we don’t want to give you a neck pillow which loses its shape and durability after a couple of uses. We only give the highest quality you can ask for—pillows meant to keep your neck supported both at home and abroad.

High quality means more than just having a solid type of stuffing on the inside—though that is a big part of it. Our neck pillows employ all manners of filling that make each one unique. Some of them use high-quality microbeading, which makes the pillow have a level of sleep comfort that is unmatched in addition to being highly squishable. Some of our pillows use terrific down to make your head feel like it’s resting on a cloud. And then you have others that utilize the legendary NASA-approved memory foam to mold around your head and give you the ultimate zero-gravity neck support.

But you need something to wrap that up as well. City of Sleep has a diverse variety of covering to give your neck pillow precisely the style you want. If you want your neck pillow to be easily identifiable (or you just have a zany personality), we have coverings which employ a busy and eye-catching style that is identifiably yours. If you don’t have much a preference—it’s what’s inside that matters—then we also have plenty of more traditional coverings such as blue, red, and other more muted colors.

Neck pillows are useful both on the plane, in the car, and at home when you are just lying around. You can rest assured that there are no cheap products here (in quality, at least. Prices are really quite fair and well below what many other stores will offer). So shop around. There is most certainly a neck pillow that is just right for you.

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