CPAP Pillows

Sleep better using a CPAP pillow. If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea you are probably using a CPAP machine. This machine increase air pressure in your throat so that your airway doesn’t collapse when you inhale while sleeping.

You must use the CPAP machine every night while you sleep. You will sleep better with a pillow designed especially for CPAP users. City of Sleep carries several CPAP pillows for you to choose from.
The CPAP Pillow by Core Products is a molded foam base with a dual fabric design and is available in three sizes: 3 inches, 4 inches and 5 inches high. This pillow contours to support your neck and shoulders so your airway and spline alignment improve. The pillow is molded with specific regions that reduce leaks from your CPAP mask and is fitted with an attached hose tether which keeps the CPAP hose gear away from you while you sleep. The pillow cover is removable for washing.

The Save My Face CPAP Pillow can be used by itself or with your current pillow. This face suspending pillow contains a moisture guard between the pillow and the cover which hinders bacterial growth. This pillow supports the neck and is designed to ensure your face mask is suspended, allowing you to sleep in comfort.

Made of ventilated foam which breathes and is cool, the Contour CPAP Max Pillow contours to improve airway alignment. This pillow is more comfortable than traditional CPAP pillows because it has fiber on one side and memory foam on the other. The CPAP Max Pillow is designed with pressure-free zones which reduce mask shifting and leaks, giving you a more comfortable night’s sleep.

With a shape designed to keep the CPAP device from interfering with your sleep, the Glideaway CPAP Contour Deluxe Pillow will give you a restful night’s sleep. The pillow supports your neck, keeping your airways open. The memory foam pillow is made for people who sleep on their right or left sides or on their back.

The CPAP Pillow by Contour is 4 inches thick and is designed with a curve for your shoulder to naturally rest so your body is properly positioned for neck and spinal alignment. The pillow is constructed to incline your forehead to prevent your chin from rotating downward which reduces mask interference. This pillow also has a hose tether to keep the CPAP hose gear from bothering you while you sleep.
Get a good night’s sleep on a specially designed CPAP pillow by City of Sleep.

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