100% Cotton CPAP Mask Wipes



Effectively clean your mask without the use of harsh chemicals and latex! Made with 100% cotton and an all natural, alcohol-free formula, these CPAP Mask Wipes effectively clean your mask while staying gentle on your skin. This eco-friendly product is biodegradable and made without animal testing.

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    100% Cotton CPAP Mask Wipes

    Cotton CPAP Mask Wipes

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About 100% Cotton CPAP Mask Wipes

Specially formulated to naturally clean and protect your mask without the use of harmful chemicals, these professional 100% Cotton CPAP Mask Wipes effectively remove dirt, grease, oils, and other organic residue from your mask with ease and comfort. Plus, our special 100% natural formula contains no unpleasant or strong fragrances and even cleans and nourishes your hands while cleaning your mask.


  • Gentle on hands and face
  • 100% natural cleaners derived from coconut and others plant extracts
  • Biodegradable
  • Alcohol and latex free
  • No animal testing

Note: Do not flush in toilet. Discard in trash. 

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