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Chilipad Cube Heating and Cooling Mattress Pad


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The ChiliPad Cube Cooling and Heating Mattress is the perfect accessory for creating the ideal sleeping environment! Extreme weather conditions ruining your sleep?  Hot flashes causing you and your partner to fight over open windows? Whether you are sleeping alone or with a partner, your bed should ALWAYS be a comfortable temperature for you. Control your sleep temperature climate! ChiliPad is a thermostat for your bed; it fits any mattress. Control the temperature in 1 degree increments between 55°F to 110°F.











Product Description

How does the warming or cooling mattress pad work?

Chili Technology uses water to generate a wide range of in-bed temperature. Similar to the semi-conductor technology that cools your computer, water passes by the chip and depending on the direction of electron flow, the water is cooled or heated. The water flows through soft coils in the mattress pad, actively adjusting the temperature of the surface of the bed. There is nothing but water flowing through the mattress pad; all temperature change happens in the control unit placed conveniently beside the bed. This makes it easy to switch from a warm electric blanket alternative to a comfortable cooling mattress pad.

Using advances in semiconductor technology the water temperature can change from 55°F to 110°F at full programmed range, at a fraction of the cost of air-conditioning. The result is the effect of a cool or warm bed throughout a night’s sleep. The motor is virtually silent (under 20 dBa). It is controlled in one degree increments with a hand-held remote.

  • The Chilipad is available in single or dual zone- Dual zone controls each side of the bed independently.
  • Easy set-up and simple maintenance
  • Energy savings: cool or heat your bed instead of your entire house

Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs

CA King (Dual Zone), Full (Single Zone), King (Dual Zone), Queen (Dual Zone), Single (Single Zone), Split CA King (Single Zone), Twin (Single Zone), Twin XL Single Zone

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