Sound Oasis Glo to Sleep Eye Mask



Quieting down the brain is a difficult but necessary task to getting restful sleep. Sound Oasis’ revolutionary Glo To Sleep Eye Mask simplifies that task for you! Based on the principles of meditation, Glo to Sleep guides your mind into a state of deep relaxation by focusing your mind on pleasant, gradually fading luminescent points instead of distracting and worrying thoughts. This lightweight and comfortable sleep mask offers a natural and drug-free solution that works with your body to encourage healthy sleep. Regular use trains your mind to return to a deep, natural and restorative sleep every night.

The Glo to Sleep is made with super soft hypoallergenic foam, features an adjustable Velcro strap, and weighs less than one ounce.





About Sound Oasis Glo To Sleep Eye Mask

Are you one of the millions of people struggling every night with insomnia or sleeping difficulties? Do you go to bed dreading yet another night of restless frustration? Is your mind filled with chatter and troublesome stressful thoughts? Well, now you can switch off your mind and return to a natural sleep with the revolutionary Sound Oasis Glo To Sleep eye mask.

With the Deluxe version, you can activate the mask the mask with the push of the button and control the brightness and dimming time.

Requires no batteries or electricity.


Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 3 x 1 in

Glo to Sleep, Glo to Sleep Deluxe